Friday, October 21, 2005

Back to basics...

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of Peter taking over the class from Claire. A member of the Kenshikan dojo who is currently teaching kendo over in Hobart, Tas. I don't actually know his rank but I believe he is higher than 4th Dan. Training was abit different, for the first hour of training was focused on basic footwork.. alot of okuri-ashi, etc.

At the start of the week we were introduced bogu.. just the Do and Tare for now. Personally, it doesn't feel any difference besides the obvious weight gain. Adjusting to seiza and bowing at first was kind of painful but probably contributed to poor sizing. Can't wait to go in full armour (kote and men), but in the mean time.. need to go back to basics. Here are the little things I will need to fix.

  • Turning correctly - face opponent - really need to pay attention!
  • Smaller steps

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Pain is rewarding ..

Training finished abit early today but overall it was a great session. It's still intense, hard but thats how I like it and don't expect anything different in the future. Hands are abit sore, two blisters on each hand and a left ankle thats hurting abit.. apart from that every else seems to be in working order.

Training started off with a quick warm up, kirikaeshi, kihon cuts and a jigeiko session. Today I had the pleasure of doing jigeiko with three seniors that I highly respected, we practiced kirikaeshi and uchikomigeiko. I can't explain how great it is to train with high rank seniors... it's like your skill and spirit has been raised to a new level.

Tried to focus on two main issues I had last practice. I think I just tend to relax abit during cuts and end up showing poor zanshin. I'm pretty happy with my performance today, the comments made from seniors stating I showed very good form certainly made me happy. I do feel my kendo is improving alot, my footwork is much better and so are my men and do cuts. I guess practice pays off.

Before training was over, senesi told us that we'll be in bogu next week. Can't wait!

Things I need to focus on for next training;
  • Turning correctly after cuts to face opponents
  • Kote cuts: try not to raise shinai after hit