Sunday, October 16, 2005

Pain is rewarding ..

Training finished abit early today but overall it was a great session. It's still intense, hard but thats how I like it and don't expect anything different in the future. Hands are abit sore, two blisters on each hand and a left ankle thats hurting abit.. apart from that every else seems to be in working order.

Training started off with a quick warm up, kirikaeshi, kihon cuts and a jigeiko session. Today I had the pleasure of doing jigeiko with three seniors that I highly respected, we practiced kirikaeshi and uchikomigeiko. I can't explain how great it is to train with high rank seniors... it's like your skill and spirit has been raised to a new level.

Tried to focus on two main issues I had last practice. I think I just tend to relax abit during cuts and end up showing poor zanshin. I'm pretty happy with my performance today, the comments made from seniors stating I showed very good form certainly made me happy. I do feel my kendo is improving alot, my footwork is much better and so are my men and do cuts. I guess practice pays off.

Before training was over, senesi told us that we'll be in bogu next week. Can't wait!

Things I need to focus on for next training;
  • Turning correctly after cuts to face opponents
  • Kote cuts: try not to raise shinai after hit


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