Monday, February 27, 2006

Updates: Jan / Feb

  • Introduced to full bogu
  • Graded 6kyu (Feb 11th, 2006)

Yes, I finally have a grade! Grading was at Kenshinkan Dojo, I was pretty nervous at first although alot of my seniors telling me not to worry. However exams are exams, no matter how easy they are.. I guess I'm always going to be abit nervous. There were at least 30-40 students grading on the day. I'm happy that I got my grade, but I can't feel abit disappointed because I felt personally I could of done better. I was just too nervous. So for next grading, I will have to be more confident!

2006 Resolution - Kendo

Well 2006 is here, so here are my kendo goals;

  • injury free
  • compete in the most tournaments as possible
  • try to make top10 in a tournament
  • maintain fitness level
  • faster foot work and cuts
  • 5kyu grade - possible 4kyu
  • 110% effort at training
Above are just some things I will try to achieve this year. Probably forgetting something else on the list, but there are enough things there to aim for. Just to be injury free would be the most important factor to me. I love going to training 3 times a week and I hope to maintain it.