Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Yesterday, training was abit different. Warmups were much the same, however we introduced do-kirikaeshi as used by the Nittaidai group and harai-waza. Just like the normal kirikaeshi but instead hitting do, starting with the left side first 8 times. I noticed my foot cordination is coming along well as a result of this kirikaeshi.

"Any several techniques for deflecting an opponents shinai and attacking in one motion" - Japanese-English Kendo Dictionary

Peter-sensei split the class into group of 3's and 4's to concentrate on harai-waza. We pracitced the following below;
  • harai-men
  • harai-kote
  • harai-do
  • harai-tsuki
My experience with harai-waza is that it must be performed quickly with good te-no-uchi. It must not be too obvious to your opponent so quick and a decisive attack is key, unless you will be a victim of debana-waza. This lesson was learnt through jigeiko with higher seniors. Sometimes I also noticed their chudan-no-kamae is quite strong and center is firm or either they intentionally have their kamae to their right to create seme for a quick debana-waza.

My observation for a good harai-waza;
  • footwork: single motion - one step (important)
  • quick movement
  • good posture
  • strike right after shinai is off center
  • less obvious - drawing a J instead of a half circle with the shinai! (up/down action)


Blogger Vivian Yung said...

Sounds like a very interesting and fun training.

About do-kirikaeshi... One thing I remember the Sensei pointed out to me while I was training at Nittaidai was that: make sure your arms are extended and the shinai cutting the side of the do. If arms are cramped up, the shinai will be cutting the front of the doh.

The key to do-kirikaeshi is to be relaxed.

8:40 PM  
Blogger SEm said...

Thanks, I'll definately make a note of that.. probably explains why i am hitting in front the do a few times.

1:45 AM  

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