Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Shiai practice

The last hour of training was capped off with a mock up shiai. Everyone was paired according to their ranks, those new to shiai started first. Learnt all the basic drills regarding the shiai in terms of structure, rules and appropriate conduct.

My first match was against Tony, from the get go I realised he was in a defensive mode through out the match. So I took the chance of doing a feint men cut and hitting do and it turned out to be successful. Ryu was my next opponent and ended up winning that match with a harai men. At the end of the day, training was great I only lost one match to a nice debana kote. So overall, pretty happy with training yesterday.

Feedback from Vui
  • taiatare is not the only option
  • issokuitto-no-maai, desired distance is important
  • seme - must work on more seme!
  • minimise debanna kote: try not to raise the shinai to high
  • speed, quickness to execute wazas
  • good use of eyes - finding opportunities
  • good posture


Blogger Vivian Yung said...

Great to hear that training is going well for you.

awwwwwww, Yano sensei was training at your dojo nowadays! Your so lucky!!!!

10:46 PM  
Blogger SEm said...

Thanks. I understand he was your sensei over in sydney.

Yano sensei has been with us for quite awhile since he left sydney and always here every sunday training.

It's certainly a honour to have jigeiko with him every week. He's kendo is soo graceful and beautiful.. something to aim for!

12:34 PM  
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Blogger Matthew Rolston said...

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